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Thai Spice

Let’s face it, with its irresistible flavours of sweet, sour, bitter and savoury, there’s no wonder that Thai spices are a world-wide favourite. Do you cook with Thai spice? Tell us what your favourite meal is to create with it in the comments below. #Gorimas #culinaryfusion #indianspices #indianfood #gorimasspiceroute Share on: WhatsApp

Instant Eggless Noodles

No time? No problem. Instant eggless noodles will always come in handy when you need to whip up a delicious meal in a hurry. They’re a classic pantry staple that only requires a couple of ingredients you probably already have lying around – making it the perfect option for a simple yet tasty dinner. Stock […]

Lemon Chilli Spice

Simple but significant🍋🌶️ Our lemon chilli seasoning is the secret ingredient for taking traditional flavours to the next level. Whether its fish, steak or chicken, the citrusy tang combined with the heat of the chilli makes for an incredibly unique taste. Pop by your nearest Gorima’s to pick up a bottle or two. Share on: […]

Coloured Almonds

Looking to add a little colour to your scrumptious sweet meats or beautifully baked cakes? Our coloured almonds are the perfect option to decorate your homemade goods. Make sure you visit your nearest Gorima’s to stock up on your Eid baking essentials. #Gorimas #culinaryfusion #indianspices #indianfood #baking #gorimaspantryessentials Share on: WhatsApp

Dried Fruits & Nuts

BACK TO SCHOOL SNACKS! Tried and tested by even the fussiest of eaters, our mixed dried fruit and raw nuts are the perfect treats to keep your little one’s nourished, energised and happily munching the day away. Stock up on these yummy essentials at your nearest Gorima’s store today. #Gorimas #culinaryfusion #indianspices #indianfood #gorimaspantryessentials Share […]


Known to add unique flavour and vibrant colour to a variety of curries, seafood paellas, risottos, biryanis and even desserts, this prized spice is one of a kind! Earthy with a sweet honey like flavour, saffron is everything you need to add that something special to your favourite dishes. Get your hands on our saffron […]


The best kind of liquid gold! For hundreds of centuries, Ghee has been used as an excellent source of Vitamin E. Although it is rich in fat, it contains high concentrations of Omega-3s that support a healthy heart and cardiovascular system. Pop in-store and stock up on some ghee for your favourite, homemade dishes. Share […]


DID YOU KNOW 🤔 Despite being a delicious household staple, white rice comes with many years of interesting history. In the 15th and 16th centuries, the Great Wall Of China was and still is held together with sticky rice! It was used to form a mortar so that the wall’s stones stayed together. After all, […]


The semolina secret! Gulab jamuns, upma or rawa laddoo, semolina gives you the best of both worlds with its delicious taste and nutritional value. Enriched with vitamins, protein and a nutty flavour, this ingredient is the key to perfecting your traditional sweet meats or savoury treats. Stock up at your nearest Gorima’s today. Share on: […]