Chicken Curry

This hearty and good for your soul chicken curry recipe is all the comfort food we need, and it’s friendly on your pocket! Bursting with flavour, this is a recipe you have to try and one that the whole family will enjoy. Get your ingredients, readily available at Gorima’s online and in-store. Ingredients: 1 kg chicken pieces 2 large tomatoes grated or pureed 2 onions finely chopped 3 green chilies 3 tbsp dhania / coriander leaves ½ cup oil 3 cinnamon sticks * 3 cloves * 2 Bay leaves* 1 tsp cumin / jeera seeds * ½ tsp garum masala 4 tbsp Rombo Rossi masala 4 potatoes – cut in half 2 tbsp ginger and garlic Salt to taste Method: 1.Marinate chicken with ginger and garlic 2.Fry onions in oil 3.Add all dry spices *, once onions are golden brown add Rombo Rossi masala 4.Add chicken, let it simmer for 5 minutes 5.Add water 6.Add grated tomatoes and salt for taste 7.Add potatoes 8.Garnish with dhania/coriander Tip: Serve with Jeera rice #Gorimas #culinaryfusion #indianspices #indianfood

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