Chicken Soup

Homemade chicken soup will always be good for the soul! For generations grandmas and moms have used their special chicken soup recipes as the go to for making family members feel better. Turns out Dr. Mom is right! Filled with plenty of vitamins, protein and soothing textures, they’re the perfect pick me ups for when you’re feeling a little under the weather. Ingredients: 300g Chicken fillet 1 teaspoon ginger garlic 2 teaspoon pepper steak spice 2 teaspoon green spice 4 whole pepper corn ¼ cup dhania 1 tin creamstyle corn 1 cup milk 1 cup fresh cream 1 onion chopped fine 2 teaspoon Soya sauce 1 packet onion white soup 1 packet thick vegetable soup 2 tbsp chopped dhania 2 tbsp oil ½ cup water Method: Marinate chicken with ginger garlic green chillie Soya sauce pepper steak spice and dhania Sauté onion in oil till soft Add peppercorns Add marinated chicken to onions Stir brown Add water and leave in pot Mix all packets soup with 2 cups water in a bowl Add fresh cream Add milk and mix till smooth Add to pot Boil 5 min Remove cool Liquidize till smooth Add back to pot with oil Cook on low heat for 12min Add dhania Tip: A dash of Soya sauce added to soup when serving

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