Cajun Roast Turkey

Ingredients: 1 Turkey 8 tbsp cajun spice 3 tsp ginger & garlic ¼ cup mayonnaise ½ cup olive oil Method: Marinate turkey over night with ginger & garlic, cajun spice and mayonnaise Place in roasting pan on a rack Baste with olive oil Cover and cook for 2 hours till cooked Sauce for Turkey Ingredients: […]


Supreme Saffron! This exotic, beautiful and distinctly coloured spice contains many carotenoids and boosts the immune system in a big way. It can fight infections in wounds, elevate the mood, induce sleep, and even eliminate muscle spasms. Through the vasodilating properties of potassium found in Saffron, it has also been known to reduce blood pressure! […]

Gorima’s Prawn Pasta

Step 1 Ingredients: 500g peeled deveined prawns 3 tbsp butter 3 tbsp Gorima’s Fish and Prawn Marinade. 2 cups pasta of choice Method: Marinate prawns with Fish & Prawn Marinade Pan fry in butter 3min on each side Leave aside Boil pasta as instructed on packet Step 2 Pasta Sauce Ingredients: 3 tbsp tomato puree […]


Smart Sumac!The antioxidants in Sumac make it one of the most healthy spices to include in your cooking! These antioxidants may help neutralise the effect of free-radical damage that can lead to many severe illnesses in the long run, including cancer. By using Sumac, you could also reduce the signs of ageing in your skin. […]

Gorima’s Kashmiri Roast Lamb

Ingredients: 2kg Leg of lamb 6 tbsp Kashmiri paste 2 Whole garlic 2 Tsp ginger & garlic ¼ Cup olive oil 2 Cup water Method: Marinate lamb overnight with above spices. Place in a pot Add 1/4 cup olive oil Sear lamb both sides Transfer to a roasting pan Add water Set oven at 180 […]


Calming Cassia! Also sold as a form of cinnamon, Cassia is used to help the body’s systems run properly, and to boost the immune system. Cassia is also known to work as an effective anti-depressant, keeping your body and mind relaxed. Grab this wonderful spice at your nearest Gorima’s store! Share on: WhatsApp

Gorima’s Pepper Steak

Ingredients: 1 kg rump steak – cubed or strips 2 tbsp mayonnaise 2 tsp garlic 1 tsp ginger ½  peppers of choice –cubed or strips 2 tbsp pepper steak spice 3 tbsp pepper sauce 3 tbsp mexican sauce (optional) 3 tbsp garlic sauce 1/2 cup fresh cream Method: Marinate steak with garlic & ginger Add […]

Mustard Seeds

Mighty Mustards Seeds! The tiny but punchy mustard seed is packed with organic compounds and essential oils that can give your body a serious health kick! They are also a wonderful source of vitamin B-complex for the critical functioning of your organs. You’ll always find mustard seeds in stock at Gorima’s! Share on: WhatsApp